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Choose service

Size and service for each parcel are automatically calculated based on listing info and buyer preferences. You can change them one by one or all together.

  • Choose between drop-off or collection
  • Purchase enhanced compensation for items up to £1,000 with standard compensation of £25 already included in the price
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Print your label

Now your labels are ready, print them in one click!

  • Print labels in your favourite format
  • Print multiple labels on the same sheet
  • The tracking number is automatically uploaded
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Monthly invoice

The first time you use the service, you will need to sign off on your payment agreement. You'll receive an invoice at the end of each month, outlining all your delivery charges for that month.

  • Pay only if you use the labels
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We bring you some of the best rates in the market and pass those savings onto you

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Drop-off everywhere

We offer you over 13,000+ drop-off locations right across the UK

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