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  • Send locally... in minutes or a 1 hour delivery slot of your choice.
  • For yourself or your business.
  • Heavy stuff? No problem, we do vans too.
  • Shutl also delivers from your favourite online shops
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My item can be delivered by:
3kg max. L30 x W25 x H10 cm
6kg max. L60 x W45 x H45 cm
50kg max. L100 x W100 x H75 cm
150kg max. L133 x W133 x H133 cm

Need a sameday courier?

Shutl is the fastest, most reliable way to move things around. For house keys, urgent documents, laptop chargers: a courier on two wheels can dodge even gridlocked traffic.

With Shutl, you don’t need to worry about measuring the exact weight and size of your parcels. Just check the maximums when you’re booking.

Bicycle or motorcycle?

For sending lighter items nearby, the trusty bicycle is a good choice. For slightly heavier packages or longer distances, request a motorbike.

Max weight Max size Price
Bicycle courier 3kg L30 x W25 x H10 cm from £5
Motorbike courier 6kg L35 x W25 x H25 cm from £5.50

Where can I use Shutl?

We cover 94% of the United Kingdom, including all 31 London boroughs. Send from Central London to East London or out to Greater London, with low rates and speediness guaranteed.

How do I book?

Type the collection and delivery postcodes into the booking form, select your bike, then Get Quote. Choose a time that works and confirm the booking.

Once your courier’s on the road, we’ll keep you in the loop via our tracking app.

Can I use Shutl any time?

Absolutely. You can book a Shutl delivery any time of day, all year round.

We’re the delivery company that prides itself on top-notch customer service. If you have a question or need to change your booking, just give us a call.

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How to use Shutl

1. What

Decide what it is you need to
 Shutl locally

2. Where

All we need is a collection and delivery postcode

3. When

Delivery in minutes or choose a time that suits you

Learn more about Shutl

When would I use Shutl? How does it work? We answer these questions and more in our FAQs.

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