December 21, 2011
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The Shutl delivery manifesto

Many of this year’s last minute shoppers will be giving a wide berth to online retailers having been let down by them and their delivery providers last year.

We thought therefore that now would be an opportune moment to spell out what shoppers can expect when they choose delivery by rocket and why we are just a little bit different from your average delivery provider.

1. While exact Christmas cut-off times will vary by retailer, this year you will be able to place orders for Shutl’s same day delivery right up until the afternoon of 24th December. In fact Shutl delivers 24 hours a day 365 days a year, we just need our retail partners to be open in order to be able to offer service.

2. We always will let you choose when you want delivery, either ASAP or at a time of your choice. Unless you choose ASAP, we will never give you a delivery window that exceeds an hour.

3. We will always send you a tracking email the moment your order has been dispatched, alowing you to track your delivery in real-time – 99% time you can watch it winging its way towards you on a GPS-enabled map.

4. On the rare occasion that we are running late, we will do our best to reach you, apologise for our tardiness and let you know just how late your delivery will be. And if that does not work for you, we will arrange an alternative delivery time that does.

5. If you’re not at the address when we try to deliver, we will spend 10 minutes trying to reach you. If, for whatever reason, you’re not able to make it to the address in time then we’ll also take your instruction (i.e. wait longer, leave with neighbour, etc.).

6. We will never leave you a doormat decoration, nor will we ever cause you to drive out to a depot or wait in line at a post office to pick up your delivery.

7. We will always seek your feedback on every delivery we do for you and act upon it to improve the quality of our next delivery. To make our service transparent we will also post your feedback (the good and the bad) live and unedited onto both our feedback page and onto Twitter.

8. If you ever have any questions about our service or your delivery, please call us on 0844 879 2211. Our customer service team is available to help 24/7.

If you have a crappy experience with Shutl, then shame on us. We’ll take accountability and make it up to you. If you don’t think we are are living up to our promise then I want to hear from you. You can reach me on: tom AT