July 10, 2012
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Shutl by numbers- why retailers should consider Shutl?

We’ve just finished compiling some performance stats and liked the numbers so much we thought we’d wrap them up in a pretty Infographic.  We believe they make quite a case for why retailers should offer Shutl.  What do you think?



Over the last 12 months up to 50% of customers offered Shutl chose the option and checked out when offered at a good price.(1)

For those orders we have seen Average Order Value (AOV) of +136%(2), and been awarded a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 72 – our customers are happier than Apple’s!

How can delivery do that? Simple…

Shutl lets shoppers get what they want, when they want it.  We currently let shoppers choose from 2 options:

- “Now!” – ASAP delivery, within as little as 90 minutes.

- “When?” – choose a 1-hr window, same day or any day.

74% of our customers choose “Now!”, and 26% “When?”.  To date our fastest “Now!” delivery took place in 14 minutes: 58 seconds – a world record!

When it comes to happiness, our customers are on average 2.5 times happier than those choosing traditional delivery options.

20% of all Shutlers leave feedback, rating the service 91%. This is broken down as follows:

- speed of delivery: 4.8/5

- value for money: 4.2/5

- ease of use: 4.6/5

- the delivery person: 4.6/5

In addition, an incredible 84% of our shoppers declare that Shutl makes them either more likely or WAY MORE LIKELY to buy from that retailer again in the future!

Last Christmas, 1 in 10 shoppers were put off shopping online entirely due to previous problems with delivery, with a huge 27% of all shoppers claiming to have experienced delivery problems at Christmas.

We’re here to change all that… and we’ve only just got started!


(1) 50% of shoppers that were displayed a Shutl quote when Shutl is 10% or less of basket value selected Shutl and completed checkout- normal conversion of 15%.

(2) On average per transaction across all retailers

Source: Shutl (2012) and Postcode Anywhere (2011)